Win a Crystal Delights Ultra Yellow detachable Pony Tail!

Win a Crystal Delights Ultra Yellow detachable Pony Tail!

To celebrate the release of our new Pony Play range, we are giving away one of the brand new DETACHABLE Crystal Delights Pony Tails, in one of the new colours (Ultra Yellow/fluro yellow)!

To enter the draw all you need to do is retweet the competition announcement and follow us on Twitter.

Or, follow us and repost the announcement on Tumblr.

Or, like our page and Share on Facebook.

We will not penalise you for sharing on all three, however we will be checking the authenticity of the accounts that enter. Entries close at 6pm GMT this Sunday (30th Nov). The winner will be announced less than 24 hours after that.

The links are here:





Good luck!



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  1. Stuniverse | November 30, 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    Competition results!

    Congratulations to @Ta3fox (a Twitter retweet) who wins the random draw.

    Thanks to all entrants!

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