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Why Ethical Kink?.. a vlog

Hi folks,

At long last this is the start of some video content!

In this short introduction to Ethical Kink I talk about where the idea for the company came from, and a little about what we are motivated by and why.

In  the next video I’ll be going into what we ethical means to us as it pertains to running a business, and covering the important topics to us (human rights, animal rights, environmental responsibility, body positivity, sex positivity, gender).

I hope you like it!



About Stuniverse

Stuniverse is a very lucky person. He has been exploring kink and polyamoury for about 8 years, and both have dramatically changed his life for the better. A long time vegetarian, he made the happy leap to veganism at the beginning of 2014 and won't look back. Stuniverse is currently the driving force behind Ethical Kink, and brings a bunch of technical and business skills to the team. His interests and values include: feminism, ethics, personal development, meditation, veganism, activism, games, being a massive geek and writing about himself in the third person.
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