Vegan Paracord Flogger – make your own kit


The brand new Vegan Paracord Flogger Kit is a great way to learn how to make your own flogger! Using paracord, you’ll get the chance to make your own flogger and tailor it towards your kind of kink by experimenting with different knots on the falls.

A great gift for any kinky fan, this kit is available in 5 fantastic colour combos; Black & Blue, Black & Red, Black & Pink, Black & Purple and Black & White!

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Vegan Paracord Flogger Kit

The Vegan Paracord Flogger Kit is BRAND NEW to Ethical Kink!

Makes the perfect gift!

These weighty floggers can be used to caress in sensual play or let it deliver a hard ‘thwack’ in some impact play!

You will learn how to add different knots to the end of the falls to tailor make it towards your preferred kinky play. You can learn how to make the same style Turk head knots that you find on our Vegan Paracord Floggers!

Available in 5 fantastic colour combinations; Black & Blue, Black & White, Black & Red, Black & Purple and Black & Pink!

The kit includes all the materials you need to make the flogger and a guide on how to do it, you’ll just need to make sure you gather a few extra tools before hand; Tape Measure, Scissors and a Lighter.

It will take approximately 5 hours to make.

Make Your Own Vegan Paracord Flogger Kit

  • Vegan Friendly – Absolutely No Animal Products Used
  • Makes a Perfect Gift
  • Up your kink craft skills
  • 5 different colour combinations
  • Takes approximately 5 hours to make
  • The kit includes a course on how to make your own
  • Learn how to make different style knots

Haven’t got the time, you say? Well, you can check out the Small Knotted Paracord Flogger here or its big brother, the Vegan Paracord Flogger with Large Knots here!


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