Sexy Handcuffs – Make Your Own


Looking for the perfect gift for lover of kink? Try out the Sexy Handcuff Kit! A great present for someone who likes a bit of DIY!

Available in 5 colours; Blue, Black, Red, Purple and Pink with a choice of 3 buckles: Metal, Plastic or Shackle.

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Sexy Handcuff Kit

Have a go at making your own Sexy Handcuffs with this Sexy Handcuff Kit!  Using paracord and a buckle of your choice you can create your own handcuffs!

Not only do these look great, they are very effective too! They maybe restrictive but the are comfortable for the wearer.

These handcuffs are available in 5 different colours; Blue, Pink, Red, Purple and Black and with a choice of 3 different buckles to choose from (Metal, Plastic or Shackle) you can’t go wrong!

The Sexy Handcuff kit includes the materials that you will need to make the handcuffs and a guide on how to do it. You will need to go equipped with Tape Measure, Lighter and Scissors.

It takes approximately one hour to make these handcuffs.

Make Your Own Sexy Handcuffs

  • Vegan Friendly – Absolutely No Animal Products Used
  • Makes a perfect gift
  • Kit includes the materials and course info that you need to make the sexy handcuffs
  • Approximately 1 hour to make
  • Available in 5 great colours – Blue, Pink, Purple, Red or Black
  • Choose one of three different buckles – Metal, Shackle or Plastic
  • Kit comes in 2 different sizes – Small – Large or XL to XXL

Choose a kit sizes; Small – Large (16.5 cm – 20.5 cm) or XL – XXL (21.5 cm – 23 cm)

These make a fantastic gift but if you are not ready to make your own then you can find our ready made Sexy Handcuffs here!


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