Detached, separate Rainbow Pony tail. TAIL ONLY NO PLUG :)


At last, now you can buy the tails separately!

All thirteen wonderful colours 🙂

You can use these in two ways:

1) Use them as an additional colours for one of our wonderful Rainbow Pony Tail butt plugs.


2) Attach them to one of our brand new faux leather Tail Harnesses!

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Detached, separate Rainbow Pony tails are available in the following colours: Lavender, Baby Blue, Bright Yellow, Baby Pink, Red, Black, Blonde, Brown, Ultra Purple, Ultra Pink, Ultra Yellow, Five-colour Primary, and Five-colour Pastel!

NB. The pictures are to show you the available colours, and they still show the version that is attached to a plug. This product is sold separately and does not come with a plug.



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