Red pony tail butt plugs

Pony tail butt plugs – some great news, and some not so great news

Pony tail butt plugs- news

Hi folks, I hope you’re all well.. and happy.

OK so lets get the bad news out of the way first. Sadly, the lovely people who make the Rainbow Pony Tails for us have put the price up. Accordingly, we’ve had to put the price up from £69 .99 to £76.50. Sorry. At the moment its only the rainbow pony tail butt plugs; the faux fur ones remain £59.99.

So, bad news out the way, lets get onto the good. We do still have a few in stock that can go at the old price. Available right now there are: 3x Pink, 2x Yellow, and 2x Lavender. If you know someone who’s had their eye on one, now is a good time to give them a nudge because they’ll be gone pretty quickly. I’m very happy to reserve one for you for a couple of days (or longer if you can put down a deposit), just fire me an email: Since I have them in stock there is none of the usual 2-3 weeks lead time and I can post them out immediately.

Good news part two (and I’m super excited about this), we now have even more gorgeous pony tail butt plugs to choose from. FIVE new ones in fact!

White-Blond, Black, Red, Brown, and..

Blond pony tail butt plugBlack pony tail butt plugRed pony tail butt plugBrown pony tail butt plug

Multicoloured! This tail is has five different colours amongst its curls.

pony tail butt plug multi coloured

The four natural colour pony tail butt plugs are at the new price of £76.50, and the five colour is £79.99.

Want to learn more about Pony Play? There are a bunch of books and tutorials around. This one by SubMissAnn is fun and informative (with some awesome pics).

As always, just fire me an email with any questions- I’m here to help.




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