Supporting human labour rights worldwide.

Hi folks!

A bit of a serious post today. As you know, we believe that having a considered ethical stance on commercial practises and world issues is super important for a business.

The important topics for us are:

  • Human rights.
  • Animal rights.
  • Environmental issues/responsibility.
  • Body positivity.
  • Sex positivity.
  • Gender.

It is important that we pro-actively engage with the world and seek change in those areas that desperately need our assistance. One thing we can do as is create and sell products that are in line with our values. Hopefully, in this way we can elbow some room out in the wider kink market and fill it with gorgeous, ethically-sourced goods. This should have two effects. One- that like minded people can buy our stuff safe in the knowledge that we’re on the same team and working towards a common goal. And two- that anyone else who buys our products will NOT be buying something made in a sweat shop or that otherwise contributes to the problem. So far so good.

But there is more we need to do. It is also important that we actively engage with the problem issues, or help support those who are. So with that in mind, Ethical Kink is now supporting the International Labour Rights Forum with monthly donations. Sadly it isn’t a lot at the moment, but as we grow the donation will increase in line with profits.

The ILRF is a non-profit organisation fighting for human labour rights worldwide, with a particular emphasis on women and children. You can find out more about the ILRF here.

Next stop, an animal rights non-profit. Let us know the best ones please!



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Stuniverse is a very lucky person. He has been exploring kink and polyamoury for about 8 years, and both have dramatically changed his life for the better. A long time vegetarian, he made the happy leap to veganism at the beginning of 2014 and won't look back. Stuniverse is currently the driving force behind Ethical Kink, and brings a bunch of technical and business skills to the team. His interests and values include: feminism, ethics, personal development, meditation, veganism, activism, games, being a massive geek and writing about himself in the third person.
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