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The evenings are drawing in and the leaves are falling from the trees, it can only mean one thing…. we’re fast approaching Winter. Before we know it Christmas will be upon us. But luckily for you, here at Ethical Kink we have been working on bringing you some new products just in time!

We have teamed up with the wonderful peeps over at Kink Craft, and have added some sweet new products to the store. The Kink Craft products that we stock are all vegan friendly and hand made in the UK!

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on our new products and there is something for everyone! So, without further ado, please welcome…

Impact Play

Black and Yellow Vegan Single Tail Whip - New Products

The Vegan Single Tail Whip is available for you in 6 fantastic different colour combos!

Whether you are new to the game or have been throwing for years, these will make a lovely addition to your toy box.

Made out of paracord, our Vegan Single Tail Whips are strong and flexible. They are of the snake whip style, with a flexible handle. Just go easy as these things can be dangerous without proper care!


Black & blue Vegan Paracord Flogger Small

The Vegan Paracord Flogger is available with Small or Large Knots and 5 different colours to chose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

So if you’re looking for some sensual play or something that can deliver an almighty “thwack” – these are just the ticket!

Mini Paracord Floggers

If you are just starting out or looking for something a little less harsh, why not try a Mini Flogger?

The look deceptively cute but have a sting in there tail and are available in 9 bright colours!



Purple Sexy Handcuffs with Shackle Buckle

These Sexy Handcuffs are a vegan friendly take on the classic handcuffs. Designed to keep the wearer under wraps whilst you play, the classic style makes these the perfect addition to your kit!

Available in 5 sexy colours with a choice of 3 buckles.

Red Connected Handcuffs - Metal Buckle

The Connected Handcuffs are available in 5 colours with a choice of 2 buckles.

Comfortable to wear but extremely difficult to get out of, you’ll be able to keep the wearer under control for as long as you like!

Forest Green Figure 8 Handcuff

Don’t let the simple design of  the Figure 8 Handcuffs fool you, these cuffs are tricky to get out of!

Available in 10 colours;  Blue, Forest Green, Lime Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Rose and Black.


Sensual Play

Yellow Soya Wax Play Candle

These beautiful Wax Play Candles are made out of EcoSoya wax which is produced from sustainable Soy crops. The odourless candles burn at 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) and makes a great addition to work and play.

Available in 6 sensual colours and perfect for scent based allergy sufferers.

Nipple SticksThese Nipple Sticks are made out of clear plastic and topped with 7 fantastically bright colours; Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Black and Purple.

Nipple Sticks are slightly different to your usual clamps. You can determine the intensity of nipple play by increasing or decreasing the pressure using the bands.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think!


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