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FREE SHIPPING and sale prices! – Find me a home sale

Dear lovely people-folk, owners, trainers, ponies, kitties and pups,

It’s good news!

We always have more of all of our most loved items made than necessary in an effort to reduce the order and delivery time. This is a good thing generally, but now we’re sitting on a rather large stash and they’re getting lonely. It’s time to find them a home!

Until Sunday 24th August, and while stocks last, the following items have FREE SHIPPING! Most of them are at a sale price too :).


Rainbow pony tail – Lavender

Rainbow pony tail – Pastel Blue

Rainbow pony tail – Bright Yellow

Rainbow pony tail – Baby Pink

Rainbow pony tail – Red

Faux fur tail – Snow Leopard

Faux fur tail – Siberian Husky

Crystal and glass plug – with Blue crystal (this is seriously gorgeous- if it doesn’t go by 24th I’m keeping it!)


Simply go to your shopping cart and use the coupon code: homefound

You can add any other items you wish and still use the code; as long as you purchase one of the items above (while stocks last).

As always, any questions or issues please fire me an email and I’ll get back to you asap.












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Stuniverse is a very lucky person. He has been exploring kink and polyamoury for about 8 years, and both have dramatically changed his life for the better. A long time vegetarian, he made the happy leap to veganism at the beginning of 2014 and won't look back. Stuniverse is currently the driving force behind Ethical Kink, and brings a bunch of technical and business skills to the team. His interests and values include: feminism, ethics, personal development, meditation, veganism, activism, games, being a massive geek and writing about himself in the third person.
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