How it feels being Vegan

Back in January I decided to go vegan. I worried about whether I could do it or not; if it would be too hard, if I could get used to non-dairy milk in my tea and if I would miss cheese to the point of crying. But I wanted to give it a go anyway.

Something in the back of my head had been nagging at me for ages. I have fought hard for many years to change my behaviour away from the irresponsible, sometimes hurtful partyboy I once was. When I tracked down the thing that had been nagging at me, I realised there was a discrepancy between my strongly held values around not causing harm, and my diet. I’d been veggie for most of the previous 6 years but it was becoming uncomfortable.

So why am I ranting on about all this?

Because I want to share how it feels to have achieved being vegan. And the good news is that it feels really wonderful! I now know that not just the actions I directly take aren’t hurting anyone or anything, but the indirect-seeming consequences of my diet, clothing (and soon cosmetic) choices aren’t either.

But its not just that- being vegan is actively making me happy! I feel happier in myself. I feel more connected to people and animals. It might sound weird but my relationship with my lizard and the family dog are better somehow. I now feel a sort of kinship with animals that just wasn’t there before!

So.. if you have any questions about it, or if you would like any support making the move to becoming veggie or vegan please give me a shout. I would LOVE to be able to share this wonderful experience with you. I’m not going to bombard anyone with horrific images or terrible stories (that stuff is out there if you want to go and have a look)- I’m just going to be over here if you’re interested and want to find out more. You can leave a message below or email me:

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Stuniverse is a very lucky person. He has been exploring kink and polyamoury for about 8 years, and both have dramatically changed his life for the better. A long time vegetarian, he made the happy leap to veganism at the beginning of 2014 and won't look back. Stuniverse is currently the driving force behind Ethical Kink, and brings a bunch of technical and business skills to the team. His interests and values include: feminism, ethics, personal development, meditation, veganism, activism, games, being a massive geek and writing about himself in the third person.
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