Beginner Tips for Eco Soya Wax Play

Beginner Tips for EcoSoya Wax Play

If you want to up the anti in the bedroom (or anywhere you like to experiment) then why not try your hand at Wax Play?

We have the perfect product here at Ethical Kink to get you started! Our EcoSoya Wax Play Candles come in 6 different colours and because we use Soya Wax they are extremely safe!

Beginner Tips for Eco Soya Wax Play

Advantages of using EcoSoya Wax Play Candles;

  • Our EcoSoya Wax Play Candles burn at a very low temperature, around 40 degrees Celsius – Perfect for beginners!
  • Our EcoSoya Wax Play Candles are produced using soy beans which means the candles are not carcinogenic and are highly unlikely to cause skin irritation.
  • Our EcoSoya Candles are odourless, which makes them perfect for scent based allergy sufferers.
  • Great alternative to Pure Paraffin based and Scented Candles.

The idea of Wax Play is to invoke a burning sensation on your partner. Now, if you have never tried this before – make sure you are careful!

Beginner Tips;

  • Use a candle which burns at a low temperature to figure out your pain threshold.
  • Make sure to apply lotion beforehand to make the wax easier to get off after
  • Hold the candle at arm’s length above your partner – research shows that the wax would have cooled by about 5 degrees Celsius by the time it reaches your partner.
  • Be aware that dripping the wax in different areas will have a different affect. It might be relaxing on the back but more intense on the front.
  • Be careful of the wax splattering and make sure you do not drip it on the face or inside any orifices.

Safety Tips;

  • Make sure you use a non-flammable container for your candle
  • Keep the candle away from any flammable materials, e.g. clothes, bedding, curtains etc.
  • Do not leave the candle unattended
  • Keep a damp cloth nearby just in case of any accidents.

Wax Play is great for those who want to be artistic with their partners and turn their bodies into a canvas! But it is not for everyone and you must be safety conscious when you try it! Mix it up a bit, give it a go and let us know how you get on!


*Note: Ethical Kink takes no responsibility for any injuries or damage caused during Wax Play.


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