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Exclusive launch of our new kink wear range at Sexhibition this weekend.. with Cervena Fox!

Hello you lovely lot,

We have been busy. SO BUSY. And thanks to all our hard work recently, we’ve got a couple of bits of extraordinarily exciting news for you!

Extraordinarily exciting piece of news #1:

We have more than 20 amazing new products coming out! Too much for this little blog post but since you’re here I’ll share a couple of choice bits:

  • Rainbow EVERYTHING (rainbow latex mesh skirts, rainbow floggers and rainbow pony manes)!
  • Since you asked, we have also developed some non-buttplug pony tails! They’re in all the wonderful colours we currently do, but are now attached to a gorgeous faux leather harness instead.
  • Lastly, we have found a BEAUTIFUL white-shimmer soft faux leather that we’ve made into harnesses, collars, manes, and pony gear (just wait until you see the photos!).

After Sexhibition this weekend I’ll start to upload all the new products for sale as fast as my typie hands can go. Watch this space :). In fact, if you sign up to the mailing list I’ll enter you in the draw for the competition we’re having over this weekend (win a piece of latex clothing or a new tail harness), and I’ll also send you out a note when we have the new stuff up!


Extraordinarily exciting piece of news #2:

We have been unbelievably lucky with our line up of models for Sexhibition this weekend (22nd-23rd August) and the timing couldn’t be better.

We are delighted to announce that Cervena Fox will be slinking her way onto the cat walk for us at 4pm on Saturday as part of the team unveiling our new kink wear. I’m sure you’ve heard of her, right? She’s the stunning, flame haired (and from our chats on the phone really down to earth) model that you’ve seen on the cover of just about every alternative and tattoo magazine ever! Here’s her FB page https://www.facebook.com/cervenafox

It doesn’t stop with Cervena Fox though!

Mery SP

The first thing Mery said to me when we were chatting was “I’m so happy to know everything you sell is vegan! I don’t wear leather and I can find it hard sometimes with people wanting me too model it.” She’s also a vegetarian and on the journey to a cruelty free lifestyle!

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me meeting people like this. Apart from being super nice, she is also a first rate professional model and has been featured in many publications including Bizarre magazine. You can find out more on her FB page https://www.facebook.com/mery.sp.9?fref=ts

Here’s a couple of pics:


Pic1: Photography/MUA: Lau de la Rosa Clothing Designer: Jacq the Rimmel

Pic2: Photographer/MUA Lau de la Rosa Clothing designer Dead Lotus Couture latex


Evie Wolfe

We were so happy to hear that we were going to have the opportunity to work with Evie Wolfe. She is stunning, and her portfolio is breathtaking. She is also a body positive activist which is something we need a whole lot more of in the world! As you know body positivity is close to our hearts, and a very important topic for us. I’m hoping we can line up a photoshoot with her at some point!



We also have Ann D’Cor, Sarah Angel Adesayan, Phil M and Matt R walking for us. What a line up!

If you can make it to Sexhibition, come find us on stand D24 between the main stage and the food area, and don’t miss the fashion show Sat at 4pm.

I’ll get some video up of the event up here afterwards, and I promise to keep you posted about all the new stuff :).





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Stuniverse is a very lucky person. He has been exploring kink and polyamoury for about 8 years, and both have dramatically changed his life for the better. A long time vegetarian, he made the happy leap to veganism at the beginning of 2014 and won't look back. Stuniverse is currently the driving force behind Ethical Kink, and brings a bunch of technical and business skills to the team. His interests and values include: feminism, ethics, personal development, meditation, veganism, activism, games, being a massive geek and writing about himself in the third person.
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