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BDSM or abuse

What is the most important question in the world of BDSM?

I think the answer is probably, “Is it BDSM, or abuse?”. Why? Because the whole notion of psychologically safe and appropriate BDSM practise rides on it. And what does it come down to? Consent. Consent is what allows power to be exchanged or manipulated in a scene, relationship, or lifestyle – and for that to […]

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Well done folks! At last, $30m secured for the surviving victims of Rana Plaza.

Congratulations everyone, we’ve been part of something that has made a real difference. Over $30 million has now been awarded to the victims of the horrific Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. A building housing 5 garment factories collapsed in 2013 killing 1138 people and injured another 2500. Labour and human rights organisations such as the […]

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Vegan condoms ultra thin 3

Now stocking Sustain condoms and supporting women’s sexual health!

Super exciting news, we are now stocking the amazing Sustain condoms! We have never sold condoms before since it is hard to find any that meet our requirements, but Sustain have exceeded our best hopes. I think Sustain just might be my favourite company at the moment. Not only are these vegan condoms fair trade, […]

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Supporting human labour rights worldwide.

Hi folks! A bit of a serious post today. As you know, we believe that having a considered ethical stance on commercial practises and world issues is super important for a business. The important topics for us are: Human rights. Animal rights. Environmental issues/responsibility. Body positivity. Sex positivity. Gender. It is important that we pro-actively […]

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