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Consent culture (Vegan BDSM pt 2)

Why Vegan BDSM? – veganism, feminism and kink part 2 Miss Pixie talks about the importance of consent in BDSM, and how it relates to the feminist and vegan perspectives. Trigger warning – discusses rape Consent culture BDSM acknowledges that right and wrong are relational. What is “right” and “wrong” exists only as an agreement […]

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Vegan BDSM

Why vegan BDSM? – veganism, feminism and kink part 1 Miss Pixie talks about the intersection of veganism, feminism and BDSM- and the common values which are shared by members of those communities. Trigger warning – discusses termination of pregnancy Body autonomy One of the beautiful things about BDSM is that it gives people the […]

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Feedback welcomed!

We would love to hear your feedback on the site, or to hear about your experiences with us. We would also love to know what cruelty-free kink products you most want! Give us a top three and we’ll see what we can do :). Please comment below or email us: Thank you for your […]

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