Welcome one and all to Ethical Kink.

At Ethical Kink we believe that BDSM should be fun, risk-aware and consensual for all. We’ve thought about this a lot. When we expand that definition to the world around us it becomes clear that producing kink gear cheaply in a sweat shop, or by using animal products, just isn’t consensual any more.

How consenting are people working 80+ hours for below-the-poverty-line wages? How consenting are the cows in the leather industry? Its scary when you stop and think about it. 

We care deeply about these issues and hope to provide an alternative.

Ethical Kink is more than just cruelty free kink gear. It is about building a business that is a positive force in the world – and that means making high quality products without exploiting people, animals or the environment. 

We try to consider:


  • We do not use sweat shops or exploit others, and we pay fair prices to our suppliers.
  • We aim to make sure our products are available to all; regardless of body shape, sex, gender, sexual orientation or fetish. Our products can be tailored to your needs. If we don’t have something to suit you, please just ask!
  • We make monthly donations to the International Labour Rights Forum, a non-profit dedicated to achieving just and humane treatment for workers worldwide, and with a focus on women’s rights and child labour.


  • ALL of our products are vegan, and therefore free from animal products.

Ecological impact.

  • We are hosted on carbon neutral infrastructure.
  • Our branded cards, bags etc are made from recycled material.
  • Many of our products are made from reclaimed or recycled materials and others have a much lower carbon footprint than a leather based equivalent.
  • We try to source and manufacture items in the same country wherever possible.

If you’ve spotted something we’ve missed, or have any suggestions, please let us know.

So, we invite you to come have a look at our site, and feel safe in the knowledge that your kink might not be our kink, but that’s OK because it’s definitely not hurting anyone (unless there’s an agreed upon safe word)!

Thank you,

Stuniverse (and MissPixie)



Here is a short video about why we started the company:

If you want to find out more about Vegan BDSM you can check out our blog here.